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Commercial Construction Services

Stonepoint is a full-service commercial construction company specializing in building and developing successful commercial projects in all sectors of commercial construction. We strive to provide the best experience and outcomes for any commercial project while delivering your project cost effectively and on schedule. We balance high client attention at a competitive price, and we are committed to creating long term partnerships with every customer.

Construction Management

We value being an active partner in your projects and are there to help the project proceed smoothly. From the start of your project, we will put our knowledge of the construction industry to use and promise to be dependable and honest throughout our involvement.


We can take responsibility for both the design and the construction phase of your project. Without ever sacrificing the quality of our work, we will deliver top quality results on time and within budget. Our simple and efficient process provides our customers with transparent contracts that minimize risk and maximize return.


Before we begin laying the groundwork, we collaborate with your team for project planning, conceptual ideas, custom design, budgeting, scheduling, subcontractor recommendations and more. We view ourselves as part of your team and we are continually researching new innovations and technologies to ensure our clients are receiving the highest quality construction services.

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